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    Author: Dino Loizou, Date: 26-11-2012

    Why it’s Vital to Hire an NICEIC Accredited Electrician

    If you’re searching for a reliable electrician then evidence of the NICEIC accreditation should be one of the first things you check for.

    NICEIC is the leading UK electrical industry’s voluntary independent body that constantly sets and monitors standards, and has been doing so for over 50 years. They are, in short, a guarantee of a reputable electrician who adheres to industry standards and Health and Safety guidelines at all times.

    When you choose a London NICEIC accredited electrician you can be sure that you’ve chosen a safe and reliable contractor. NICEIC accreditation demonstrates professionalism and provides peace of mind for customers looking for a trustworthy contractor. NICEIC work in different ways to promote professionalism and safety in the electrical industry, including:

  • Providing industry recognised training
  • Listing all NICEIC approved contractors
  • Customer and industry support
  • Producing DVDs and publications
  • Offering unrivalled technical support

  • Gaining London NICEIC Electrician Status

    To become an NICEIC accredited contractor, an electrician is assessed for technical competence. Everything is then checked including the electrician’s premises, documentation and equipment. Once NICEIC accreditation is awarded, the electrician is regularly re-assessed to ensure that standards are maintained.

    EF Electrical is an approved London NICEIC electrician. EF Electrical has gained its status as an NICEIC accredited electrician thanks to its skills and industry know-how gained from 40 years’ experience working in the residential, commercial and industrial electrical market throughout London. NICEIC accredited electrician status gives our customers real peace of mind when choosing a contractor to work in their home or business and gives us the certification to show that we are working safely and professionally.

    Registration Number: 8777