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    Author: Karen Nicholls, Date: 25-11-2012

    Part P Electrical Safety Explained

    Choosing the right electrician can be difficult, choosing the wrong one can be downright dangerous. Thanks to voluntary industry bodies and legal requirements found within documents such as the Building Regulations, it’s becoming more difficult for incompetent electricians to work and leave homes and businesses in a dangerous state.

    Part P electricians, such as London-serving EF Electrical, are the safe bet for ensuring an electrical job is completed professionally and adheres to crucial Health and Safety legislation.

    What is a Part P Electrician?

    Part P is the government backed section of the Building Regulations which state that the design and installation of any electrical installation must be safety compliant and that the person who completes the installation should be able to provide information to show that they are competent and able to complete the job safely and professionally.

    A Part P electrician will have met the requirements of Part P of the Building Regulations and is classed as a Competent Person – this could be a whole firm or one individual electrician.

    EF Electrical are London Part P electricians. To achieve this accreditation we have been independently assessed to show that we meet all the criteria to complete electrical work correctly and safely.

    Choose a Part P Electrician for a Job that you can Rely On

    Choosing a Part P electrician is your guarantee that your electrical works are in safe hands. Don’t take chances with your electrical work. Choose a Part P electrician for any electrical projects – minor or major - to keep your home or workplace safe and to make sure that the Building Regulations are adhered to.

    Part P Registration Number: 8777