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115 High Road, East Finchley, London N2 8AG
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    Data Network Cabling


    If you have a business, you normally have some kind of data network info-structure in place.

    As more and more products rely on broadband and Wi-Fi access, the broadband and data network market has grown

    When companies look at running a new cabling network, their first point of contact is their current data resource provider. These types of companies normally specialize in keeping a network running smoothly. They often don’t have trained cabling engineers on their pay role, and normally sub-contract the work to voice & data companies like ourselves.



    The CCTV market is changing and so are the products now being designed:

    Gone are the days of grainy analogue images supported on coax cable, these have been replaced by sharp camera images using the latest HD technology. Apart from the standard CCTV cameras, you now have the choice of adding additional options like covert and audio cameras as well.

    CCTV is not as expensive as you would think, but having said that, every site is different.

    That’s why we provide a free site survey without obligation to purchase.

    Broadband services

    Most residential homes and UK business within the UK normally have some type of Broadband connection:  This highly competitive retail market has seen some amazing deals with regards to unlimited downloads and access to free TV packages, but all have two things in common.

    • Residential: You have to rent a standard analogue line for the entire length of the agreement, normally 18 months, even if the promotional broadband offer lasts between 6 or 12 months. And if you get unlimited downloads, they never confirm the connection speed of your service. 
    • Business: Any business that rents a Business level broadband service will often wonder why it is so much more expensive than a residential connection. This is to do with the connection ratio. A business service will often be shared with only 5 other companies on your link, therefore insuring faster connection speeds.