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  • Electrical Installation Condition Reports

    An Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR), is a periodic inspection report on a property’s safety relating to its fixed wiring. This report has also been labelled as the ‘Landlord Safety Test’ or ‘Homebuyers Test’.
    The tests are conducted by qualified electricians. It is highly recommended you have an EICR inspection carried out every 10 years for your home. For rental properties, one should be carried out every 5 years or if there is a change of tenancy.
    The main purpose of an EICR is to guarantee the safety of the residents and to ensure they are not susceptible to electrical shocks and/or fires.

    Why do you need an EICR?

    You cannot see electricity and, in many cases, you cannot view the conduits or cables that use electricity. Cables are often hidden inside walls, and consumer units are located in cupboards, where they are not immediately visible.
    It is unsurprising that we often forget to check the condition of our electrical installations for damage or signs of wear and tear.
    Faulty and old wiring is one of the main causes of electrical fires in the home. You can reduce the risk of a fire by regularly checking your cables, switches and sockets, to see that they are in good condition.

    What is the aim of an Electrical Installation Condition Report?

    The five main aims of an EICR are:
    • To record the results of the inspection in order to make sure your electrical installations are safe, until the next inspection.
    • To find any damage and wear and tear that might affect safety, and have it reported.
    • To find any components of the electrical installation that do not meet the IET Wiring Regulations.
    • To help identify any appliance or object that could cause electric shocks and high temperatures.
    • To keep an important record of the installation’s condition at the time of the inspection. This can be used in any future inspection.

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